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Application of CNC machining of industrial aluminum processing equipment in industrial aluminum industry

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Application of CNC machining of industrial aluminum processing equipment in industrial aluminum industry First of all, we understand what is an industrial aluminum profile.
Application of CNC machining of industrial aluminum processing equipment in industrial aluminum industry
First of all, we understand what is an industrial aluminum profile.
Main components of industrial aluminum profiles (silicon Si0.2-0.6 iron Fe≤0.35 copper Cu≤0.1 magnesium Mg≤0.49-0.9 chromiumCr≤0.1 manganese Mn≤0.1 zinc Zn≤0.1 titanium Ti≤0.1 other elements single ≤0.05 all ≤0.15 The balance is aluminum Al), which is produced by high temperature casting, extrusion molding and coloring. Its mechanical properties are taken as examples of 6063T5 and 6063T6.
Industrial aluminum profile development trend
Industrial aluminum profiles are currently limited to transportation, electromechanical equipment and industrial frameworks in the main domestic consumption areas, but will gradually increase in the future radiation field. Industrial aluminum profiles will gradually ban steel and other industrial materials with their own advantages.
Advantages of industrial aluminum profiles
The advantage of industrial aluminum profiles is that the design of the front industrial aluminum profiles is more beautiful and more advanced than the traditional steel structures, so that the overall appearance of industrial production can be upgraded to a higher level. For the enterprise, it looks more professional from the outside, and the second is industrial aluminum. Profiles are more cost-effective in construction and manpower and material resources. Industrial aluminum profiles are highly random. In industrial applications, as long as the profiles exist, the structure can be changed at will, and the advantages of industrial aluminum profiles in depreciation greatly exceed the traditional Steel structure and other materials, industrial aluminum profiles according to market depreciation to calculate the depreciation of waste profiles can be recovered 30% of the original input cost and steel structure conservative estimate can only recover about 10%, so industrial aluminum profiles in the future industrial development The traditional industrial consumables will be quickly banned, and the third industrial aluminum profiles will be greatly reduced in terms of construction time. The industrial aluminum profiles only need to be processed according to the drawings and then assembled on site, while the traditional industrial structure requires a lot of manpower and material resources for a long time of construction. Work, industrial aluminum profiles for traditional work This framework is built with traditional construction industry has great advantages in terms of time is very convenient save!
 The equipment of industrial aluminum processing equipment in industrial aluminum mainly includes CNC machining center, CNC drilling and milling center, CNC cutting saw, etc.
Industrial aluminum profile processing center, with its high technology content, high processing precision, outstanding performance and efficiency, is different from conventional industrial aluminum processing equipment, and also makes industrial aluminum processing enterprises optimistic about aluminum processing centers. There are not many enterprises that have the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of aluminum profile processing centers in China. Many of the industrial aluminum profile processing centers that are in the market are unstable in performance and software. The functions and parameters marked are difficult to meet the corresponding standards, and can not truly meet and meet the actual needs of industrial aluminum processing enterprises. It has affected the technological progress of industrial aluminum profile processing equipment. From the current development level of the entire industrial aluminum profile processing equipment, the technological innovation capability of the aluminum industrial profile processing center needs to be improved.

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