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Discussion on Structural Concept Design in Curtain Wall Design

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Discussion on Structural Concept Design in Curtain Wall Design I. Introduction Some temperate climate countries have a wide range of applications fo
Discussion on Structural Concept Design in Curtain Wall Design
I. Introduction
Some temperate climate countries have a wide range of applications for curtain walls, such as continental Europe and parts of the UK. In China, its advantages are gradually recognized and understood by people. Its beauty, energy saving and easy maintenance make it develop rapidly in China. With the development of social economy, people's pursuit of some novelty and trending things makes this kind of building materials with various advantages widely applied to people's daily life. Due to the deep requirements of people's aesthetics on the building, the changes of the curtain wall It has also begun to become more and more in line with people's needs and has begun to shift to complexity and diversity.
Second, the concept and performance of the curtain wall
The curtain wall, in Baidu Encyclopedia, explains this: "Commonly known as the curtain wall, it is the outer wall of the building. It does not bear the weight and hangs like a curtain. It is a lightweight wall with decorative effects commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings. Composed of the template and the supporting structural system, the relative main structure has a certain displacement capacity and has a certain deformation ability, and does not bear the building outer protective structure or decorative structure used for the main structure.” In our real life, the curtain wall is also everywhere. Visible, it is beautiful and stylish, and energy-saving, lightweight and easy to maintain and maintain, these advantages make the curtain wall a very important part of building materials.
The curtain wall has the following seven features:
1) Wind pressure deformation, this is because the material of the curtain wall is relatively soft, it is not easy to break and break under the pressure of strong wind, and it will not hurt to fall from high altitude and damage to passers-by, even if the deformation will quickly restore the original shape;
2) Rainwater infiltration, this performance is very good to avoid the building is washed away by rain;
3) Air infiltration, the material of the curtain wall has good tolerance to air permeability;
4) In-plane deformation, which makes the curtain wall difficult to damage and easy to maintain to a certain extent;
5) Insulation, the installation of the curtain wall blocks the cold air from entering the room in the winter, which plays a good role in heat preservation;
6) Insulation, the weather in some areas is hot in summer. After installing the curtain wall, the curtain wall will refract sunlight into the room, thus reducing the temperature in the room, which plays a very good role in heat insulation, so that people can not open the air-conditioned room. I feel that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively large;
7) Impact resistance, which is a major feature of the curtain wall, he protected the building to a certain extent.
Third, the connotation and procedure of conceptual design
Conceptual design requires that in a certain environment, combined with the characteristics of the actual environment, in some difficult or impossible problems, without careful calculation, depending on the specific connection or special relationship between the subject and the individual The conceptual design is carried out, using the method of near estimation, and the differences and differences between them are selected. The conceptual design of the curtain wall requires that the application of the curtain wall is not accurately calculated, and the connection between the whole wall and the curtain wall is compared, so that it is easier to get started in the construction of the curtain wall, and the overall construction concept is more programmed and rationalized. .
The conceptual design of the curtain wall needs to go through the following stages: First, the preliminary design of the curtain wall. Accurately grasp the characteristics of the wall to be connected, as well as the length, width and height, and select the appropriate curtain wall material. The preliminary design of the curtain wall was detailed and detailed. Every step in the selection, transportation, and processing of curtain wall materials should appear in the preliminary plan, so that it can be justified; secondly, the basic design. In the basic design process, manufacturing design drawings are a major project that cannot be ignored. The determination of the drawings is equivalent to one-third of the total engineering volume. Therefore, the design of the blueprint is a very important task. In the process of basic design, we must grasp the rationalization and proceduralization of design drawings, and ensure the aesthetic and environmental performance of the curtain wall while minimizing the cost. The design specification can be drawn when necessary, and special attention should be given to the matters needing attention in each step of the construction; finally, the construction design. In the process of construction design, it should be strictly in accordance with the design drawings. It is the specific operation of the preliminary design and the basic design. He should implement each step in accordance with the plan of the previous two stages. In general, the third phase of the revelation is essentially a stage of manufacturing, transportation, and installation. Only by doing the first and second stages can we enjoy the visual process from the blueprint to the whole object.
Fourth, the content of the curtain wall design
4.1 Estimation of glass
At present, glass is used by more and more architects for building materials. Its transparent, beautiful, sand-proof, heat-resistant and cold-resistant qualities are easily accepted. Therefore, the glass curtain wall came into being. When installing the curtain wall, we should rationalize the calculation of the material and thickness of the glass. The material that needs to be selected is stronger, thicker and more durable than the general window glass. For the thickness of the glass, we need to use the corresponding formula to carry out rigorous calculations. As the saying goes, "the loss is a thousand miles", so the choice of building material thickness and In computing, we should uphold the rigorous and realistic work style.
4.2 Estimation of beam cross section
The beam plays a supporting role in the use of the curtain wall. Therefore, some relatively firm metal should be selected as the material, but it should not be too hard. It should be soft enough to not only support but also easily connect with the glass. . Therefore, materials such as aluminum alloy or angle steel should be selected, and it is not suitable for deformation or rust even after long-term wind and sun exposure, so that it is energy-saving and environmentally durable. For the thickness of the plate, it can be calculated according to the local stability, and the load and load should be carefully selected.
4.3 Column calculation
The column can be estimated based on the slenderness ratio, which is done on the structural drawing. However, because the estimation of the cross-section of the column is not correct every year, many unsafe factors are caused. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate calculation sketch and reasonable calculation method. After the comparison, we should choose the multi-span hinge beam mechanics principle that saves both material cost and labor cost, which makes the construction of the curtain wall more scientific and reasonable.
4.4 Correct calculation and estimation data
Based on a large amount of data before construction, it is based on comparative estimates. On the basis of respecting science, we can't just rely on data. The excessive trust data of engineers will lead to security risks. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of reasonable calculations, the data as a reference in the construction process, because the error is inevitable, which requires us to increase the accuracy as much as possible in the estimation.
V. Conclusion
All in all, the application of curtain walls in today's society is more and more extensive. We only have a good grasp of the rationality and safety of curtain wall construction, so that the curtain wall can better exert its advantages and serve people in people's lives, instead of Become a safety hazard in people's lives. Only in this way, in the near future, the curtain wall industry can develop better and faster, has a broader market prospect, and becomes an indispensable part of the construction market.

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