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Adapt to the trend of industrial aluminum processing customization WorldCom CNC industrial aluminum processing equipment is popular

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The wide application of industrial aluminum in the fields of rail transit, aerospace, automobile and shipbuilding,
The wide application of industrial aluminum in the fields of rail transit, aerospace, automobile and shipbuilding, industrial building materials, etc. has driven the development of the upstream and downstream industries related to industrial aluminum. Industrial aluminum and industrial aluminum processing equipment have various types and functions. Advanced industrial aluminum processing equipment brings convenience to the processing of various industrial aluminum.

     With the advancement of society, people's pursuit of beauty, comfort, green and safety is becoming more and more prominent. Whether it is transportation or home environment, personality and fashion are emphasized. In order to meet the needs of customers and the market, various industrial aluminum processing companies are constantly innovating. The new products, new technologies and new functions of industrial aluminum are emerging one after another. This leads to the various types of industrial aluminum processing equipment that need to be adapted to the industrial aluminum processing field to meet the individualized processing technology of individualized products.

     For example, in the case of high-speed rail and automobile industry, the use of industrial aluminum accounts for more than 45 percent. Whether it is functional materials or decorative materials, the processing technology and function can not be met by ordinary conventional general equipment. Moreover, the processing functions, processes and efficiencies of conventional industrial aluminum processing equipment cannot meet the entire process of industrial aluminum processing.

     Based on conventional general-purpose equipment, WorldCom CNC industrial aluminum processing equipment combines the characteristics of material components in rail transit, automobile and ship industries, and uses the Internet and big data analysis to interface with the application market in a timely manner. Existing sawing equipment and drilling and milling equipment The equipment is fully upgraded and upgraded to CNC automatic class and machining center and other integrated equipment. According to the requirements of industrial aluminum processing enterprises for the special technology, process, efficiency and precision of components, the function and efficiency of industrial aluminum processing equipment can be optimized. The cost performance of industrial aluminum processing equipment has been increased to create value for industrial aluminum processing enterprises.

Committed to the upgrading of the overall technical level of China's building door and window curtain wall, industrial aluminum profile processing and aluminum formwork processing industry

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